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Where’s the beef? June 21, 2012

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Saving money on meat is hard. There are coupons for lunch meat but not often for fresh meat. So the best thing to do? Try to find meat that is marked “Reduced For Quick Sale”. Some stores mark meat down on one day of the week I have been told.  I have not found this to be true where I live.  I have done well this summer stumbling on cheep meat at Sam’s Club. This summer I got the 8.5 lb of ground turkey for a good price.  I can’t remember what it was off the top of my head but trust me it was a good deal. Today it was beef that was on sale.  We don’t get beef that often, because of the price, so this was kind of fun.

Today’s Score:

Bottom Round Roast 3.26 lb marked down to $9.09 from $11.34

Sirloin Stake 2.55lb marked down to $11.67 from $14.48

Rib Eye Stake 3.13lb marked down to $21.25 from $24.93

The Rib Eye Stakes are a BIG splurge for us.  My husband is working on his masters out of state and over the span of about 4 1/2 weeks will be home for about 24 hours starting this Saturday afternoon. We are planing a surprise dinner that he would love (and have to grill). Like I said before we don’t get beef often and I can’t remember the last time we had stake. He is going to love it!

The roast and the sirloin are in the deep freeze to be used at a later time. I think I can get two meals out of each of these depending on what I do with them. Be on the look out for them in a weekly meal plan!

Other good meat scores I have made this year?  The best one was a quick trip I had to make to Aldi on a Monday after work (we don’t have an Aldi in the town we live in but there was one in the town I was working in at the time). I got ground beef marked down 1/2 price! After Thanksgiving at Sam’s Club we got Turkey Breast marked down for quick sale.

I have no real science to this but when I find it I try to stock up.  It is worth it to me to spend part of my grocery budget to get the cheep meat. (This is also a time where my coupon stock pile pays off so I do have the money to spend on meet and don’t need it to get other things).   My new goal for the summer is to hit Sam’s one random day during the week to find the marked down meat. Summer is a good time to get meat. Think of all the holidays that we have that have to do with cooking Memorial Day, Fathers Day, and the 4th of July. Meat will go on sale for these and the meat the does not sell….Reduced For Quick Sale! Look for things like ham after Christmas and Easter and turkey after Thanksgiving. If you like Corned Beef keep an eye out for that after St. Pat’s!

Have any good tips for saving money on fresh meat?  Leave a comment and let us know.


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