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Paperless Kitchen June 21, 2012

In todays society going paperless is something we have all heard about.  When they talk about going paperless they are not talking about the kitchen…but I am!

I had read several post during the school year about going paper free in the kitchen and knew that I could do it…when I had time. Well, I am teacher and it is summer so guess what I have more of…TIME!

Last weekend I was at my moms house, who ironically I found out about three weeks a go was also planing on going paperless in the kitchen, and I made my rags. I cut 9 x 71/2 inch rectangle out of old t-shirts.  I made some smaller random size ones for the kids to use. My mom had made lots of cloth napkins so I took lots of them home too.  There are two sizes 13in x 13in  and  10in  x 10in.


I have the t-shirt rags by the sink instead of my role of paper towels. It has been super simple to make the switch! They have done everything I have needed them to do so far.  I have used them with cleaner to wipe things down or dust and even used it with glass cleaner on our kitchen table (it is all glass) and I have had no problems. I do have a three year old that I have to wipe down after meals. After wetting the rag, wiping him down, and rinsing the rag I put it on the deck until it is dry and then put it in the hamper I have for rags. My daughter, six, has liked having her own rags and uses them.

Here are some of the rags and the container I have them in.


I have two baskets of napkins, one for each size, in a location that my daughter can reach them. When she helps set the table she now gets the little napkins for the kids and the big ones for the adults. When we are done with the meal they go in a different hamper from the rags. Both hampers are in the pantry but they are on opposite sides and different colors to help keep things simple.

These are some of  the 10in x 10in napkins. The kid like the ones with the peas!

These are the 13in x 13in. I am not a huge fan of the fabric but they where the right price! All I am going to do is get them dirty any way.

The napkins are easy every day napkins. All mom did was cut them to size and finish the edges with her serger.


So I bet you have some questions. Here are some I think you might have and the answers.

1. How much did you spend?

Total about $15. I had to get some baskets at the dollar store to keep things in but other then that for me it was free. I also got some micro fiber towels to use on big slips. The t-shirt rags are made form old t-shirts so they are free. I also have some old PJ pants I am going to cut up. As for the napkins mom has more fabric then we will every be able to use so we just used that. We did not love all of the fabric we used and one had a flaw in the dye lot. They are for every day use so I don’t care. I have nice ones for guest if I feel I need them. Mom had the thread, that was old (but good) thread from her aunt, so that was free too. I think some of the fabric was her aunts too.

2. Did the switch go well?

So far so good. It has only been four days but it is working well so far. My husband has been out of town but I thought this was a good time. The kids and I could get it worked out and then let him know what he needs to do.

3. You have NO paper towels?

Well, I have some. I have a role in the pantry on a high shelf so if I think I have to have them they are still there. I did use them when my son, who was sick this week, puked on the kitchen floor. I draw the line a puke and poop.  You might not.

My mom and I talked about this when we where working this weekend and she said that she remembered they would pick  up big things, like dog poop, with newspaper first.  I plan on adding some newspaper in a stash to use for clean ups but have not gotten that far yet.  Then when I pick the cat puke and can put it in the trash and still not use a paper towel!

4. How do you wash it all?

I will let you know. I have sooooo many that I have not had to wash them yet but I will post and let you know how it goes.


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