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Quick and easy clothespin bag June 20, 2012

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Last summer my husband built me a lovely clothesline. I line dried almost all of the wash for months and then it got to cold.  I needed a clothesline bag bad. I looked online for ideas for one to make and did not find anything I liked.  I was going through my sons clothes one day and had an idea.  I used one of his old t-shirts and a child hanger to make a clothespin bag.


The shirt had been dyed by my husbands aunt as a party favor but it now did not fit. The project took like 5 min (it should have taken less time but I had to deal with my machine from the dark-ages). I simply turned the shirt inside-out and sewed shut the sleeves and and bottom.  I turned the shirt right-side-out and put the hanger in the head hole. DONE! That was it!! It works like a charm! This makes it simple to bring the pins in when I am not using them so they last longer. I hang it on the line and slide it down as I hang the wash, or take it down, so it is always just where I need it!

It ends up hanging on the door handle on the sliding door to the deck when not in use. Truth be told, I has scared me more then one time at night thinking it was a person on the deck.

Don’t have a 2T size shirt around the house or a child hanger? Check Goodwill or a thrift shop for the shirt. You can get them for a quarter or less most places. You can get the hangers at the dollar store for cheep too.

If you make one post a pick and let us see your handy work.


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