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Pinterest Review – Homemade Febreze for 15 cents a bottle! June 20, 2012

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Here is the link to the Homemade Febreze that I made off of Pinterest this morning. I washed all the of the sheet today and wanted to Febreze the beds when I remembered….my husband took all of the Febreze to work to spray down the kids bands uniforms during marching season.  I had an empty Febreze bottle at home and remembered that I had pined the Homemade Febreze. Well I gave it a try and it worked well! Best part I had everything I needed at the house. All you need is a spray bottle, fabric softener, baking soda, and water.   My 6 year old said “What smells so good?” after I sprayed it. I am giving it a gold start! Try it and let me know what you think.

NOTE: Here is what I used.  I was shocked at the fact that I had liquid fabric softener because we NEVER use if for the wash. I just had remembered seeing it on the shelf near the washing machine. It is almost full so I will be able to use it for a long time.


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