When Do I Sit Down?

Modern mom just trying to make it!

Here we go. June 20, 2012

So where do I start?

I am a mom of two, wife, full time vocal music teacher, part time church choir director, and teach graduate classes online for the local university. So you could say that I have a lot going on.

On this blog I am going to attempt to get my life, and house, in order and let you watch. I am going to share things I do to save a dime, try (and I do me try) to stay organized,  how I spend time with my family, and whatever more seems to fit.

Some things I know I will be sharing with you will be:

Line drying

Paperless kitchen

DIY projects


Meal plans (when I get them done)

Reviews of things I have made from Pinterest.

Freezer Cooking

Time Savers

Couponing tips

Overall my goal is to get my life in shape and build a group of people doing the same thing. Remember we can do this!

Sound like something you can relate to and what to read more about? Follow me and we will take over the world…or maybe take back the  kitchen counter ….but you have to start some place right? Please under stand this page is a work in progress and I will add more as soon as I can.

See you soon!


2 Responses to “Here we go.”

  1. miss1sue Says:

    hi there! I am a newlywed juggling law school, work and living under a budget also trying to get my life [and body] in shape

    • hmyers1 Says:

      Sounds like you know what I am talking about! I also know what you are talking about with getting your body in shape. I sure that will make it into the blog too! Thanks for the post and keep reading.

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