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Pinterest Review – Get your Tub Clean WITHOUT Blue DAWN! June 28, 2012

This is only kind of a Pinterest Review. There are several pins on Penterest that say if you use equal parts white vinegar and blue Dawn that your tub will the the cleanest it has ever been. My mom tried it and say id was amazing. I wanted to know if it had to be blue Dawn so I did it a bit diftent….I used Pamolive! I was impressed my tub looks the best it ever has! I know we put it in two years ago. One bathroom that four people use the tub/shower gets a lot of use. The truth is I HATE cleaning the bathroom but this was so easy.  I sprayed the tub. When and did some quick things and hung a load of laundry.  When I came back I wiped out the tub and gave it a good rinse. I thought it looked good so I called in the 6 year old to get the honset oppion that only a child can give. I asked her to look at the tub and she said “WOW! It is soooo shiny!”. I give it a GOLD star. Bet part…it was free! I had gotten the dish soap and the vinegar for free on some couponing trips! Even if you have to pay full price this is still super cheep!

What you need:

Equal parts of white vinegar and dish soap

Empty spray bottle (mine is an old glass cleaner bottle)

Put the vinegar in the bottle and warm it up. I had to warm it before I put it in the bottle because the bottle was to tall for my microwave!  I warmed it in the glass bottle for 1 min and then put it in the spray bottle. I then added the soap and shook it up.

This is my nasty tub….yep it is that bad…I hate cleaning the bathroom…I know this is sick.

This is my nice clean tub after I let it dry for an hour. It is not all wet it is just that clean!


Yogurt Pancakes – Family Favorite!

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When my daughter was little I got and Annabel Karmel cook book. There are lots of healthy kid and family friendly recipes. One of our favorite is her yogurt pancakes. When my daughter was little I would make them with the yo-baby yogurt and would even use the flavored kind (we like vanilla he best). They also freeze very well. This morning I made some for breakfast and mad some to freeze.

To freeze I let them cool as we eat and I clean the kitchen (today we went to reading time at the library and the post office too). I then put some waxed paper in between them and make piles of four. I then place them in a marked zip top back and place them in the freezer. When we want pancakes and I don’t have much time I just pop some in the micro wave and we have pancakes. Works will for Briner on a weeknight when you need a quick dinner too!

My plate of pancakes!

Kathryn’s pancakes that she made fancy all by herself!

12 pancakes ready for the freezer! I only had the yogurt to double the recipe. I will make then in a couple weeks and add some more to the freezer.


Making sure you use your menu June 27, 2012

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Figuring out where to keep my menu for the week so that I would make what was on it, and so would my husband, was no easy task. At first I had a 3 ring binder that lived on the counter that had all of my home management papers/charts/check lists in it. I put the menu in the clear front cover so it was right there and that was an epic fail. Tried putting it on the fridge with the calendar and then remembered that we almost never look at the calendar.  Then I had the idea to put in inside a upper cabinet. This so seams like it would not work but for us it did. I keep it in a three ring binder plastic sleeve with a pencil and extra blank menu forms so I don’t have to print one ever week. I like that it is kind of hidden so it is not out when other come over but it just takes a second to look at it. That way I don’t feel like I have to worry about how neat I make it look.   Yes that is blue painters tape holding it up….I use it for everything…but that is another post for another day.

 This week is on the top of this menu and I just started working on next week!


Lazy Workouts

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My friend from college pined this on Pineterest. The post is Lazy Girl Fitness form Violet Sages’s blog. This is the kind of thing I need.  She gives several excises that you can do when you are doing something you have to do – like cook, laundry, and brush your teeth. I did some of the tooth brush workout this morning until my 6  year old came in and started talking to me. Most of the things on her list you could do when watching TV. That is probably when I would do them. I am thinking they would be good to do after the kids are in bed because they are quite. Happy workout!


Low Cal Quick and Easy Potato Soup June 26, 2012

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This was a good find people.  I was on FB reading a conversation on a page.  Someone had asked about cheep summer dinners.  What this lady posted was the inspiration for this recipe. When I say recipe I mean a jumping off point because I had a tone of other ideas about what I can do with the base soup I made….but we will get to that. (Tonight was also one of those nights where things went kid of crazy at dinner and I was the only parent home and I did not get to eat much so I had food on my mind.)

You will need:

1 can of veggie broth ( that is what I had on hand)

1 can of low fat evaporated milk

1 baked potato cubed (with or without skin)

Salt and Pepper to tase

Cheese for serving

I know that there are two potatoes in the photo but I only ended up using one.

In a sauce pan warm the broth, milk, and potato. Add salt and pepper to taste (I put in some grill seasoning to for an extra depth).  Sprinkle with cheese if desired.

This is not super creamy but you get that fix of having a cream soup. I love chowders and as I was eating this I thought you could add:

Frozen Mixed Veggies

Frozen Corn

Caned Shrimp or Clams

I added some Crock-pot Chicken Taco meat to my second bowl and it was fantastic!

This is the BEST PART of this quick soup. I said low cal right…..the base of the soup…the broth and the LOW FAT evaporated milk is only 100 calories TOTAL. Even with the potato with the skin it is still only about 250 calories for the entire pot of soup! So depending on the other things you add it this is a good replacement for that can of clam chowder. I had two bowls and I am so content right now. I am going to put on my PJs, make my cup of tea, and chill watching Friends until I go to bed. This was a total surprise and a total success!

NOTE: You may see on the cans in the photo that there are tags that say 50 cents. We have a store in our town called Dents and Dings that has dented cans and other random products for cheaper then I can get them on sale or with coupons most if the time. I get all of my caned beans there for 50 cents a can. You never know what the are going to have so if you see it you better get it! Because that is where I got the caned goods this meal was less then $2.


Workout Motivation

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I have a friend that went to High School with that has been posting about working out for the last week on Facebook. She is a wife, mother of one, and works a full time and a part time job. She is a lady with a lot to do! I was happy she was working out. Another friend of hers asked what she had been doing for her workouts. This was her comment back.

“Mostly treadmill and elliptical, with some weight training thrown in. I’ve been doing a lot of interval work on the treadmill.  (she does this at a local gym) At home I do 30-40 minutes of Pilates, 15 minutes of ab work, 5 minutes of bum/thigh work, plus some yoga and stretching. Most nights I also add about 7-10 miles on my bike at about 15 mph. I’m getting stronger and burning more calories everyday!”

If that is not motivation for me, or anyone, to get off there couch and do something I am not sure what is. WOW!! I did 45min on the workout step yesterday and felt good about what I had done until I read her post. I thought that I should not waste the extra time I have over the summer and I should work out as much as I can. I will be on the beach in two weeks and any pound I can losses before then is fine with me. In a moth I have a conference out of state and it would be nice if my clothes fit better. My friend gave me the inspiration I needed.  What gives you motivation?


Rewards Points Pay Off! June 25, 2012

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In the small town I live in there is only one supermarket. I don’t shop there often but it is nice when you are run out of milk or have forgotten something at the store in the next town over. I do get my 6  Sunday papers there.  With every dollar you spend you do get rewards points.  They don’t have good deal there all the time but every now and then you can get a good score. This week eggs where 48 cents with 300 points and Peter Pan Peanut Butter was 99 cents with 1000 points. You also got 100 bonus points when you got shredded cheese. Here is a photo of my trip and the brake down.

3 Peter Pan Peanut Butter Shelf Cost $2.69 each payed 99 cents each with 1000 reward point

2 Dozen store brand Large Eggs Shelf Cost $1.49 a dozen payed 49 cents each with 300 reward points

3 packs of store brand cheese $2.59 each with a bonus 100 points each

Daisy Sour Cream $1.59

Total Self Cost $21.07

Payed $13.97

Saved 33.7%

Not the best savings ever but it is savings right.

But I also got 300 extra rewards points to use later. I needed everything I got so I am not to hung up on only saving 33.7%.


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